About me

I’m Sally Leem UX UI designer based in Vancouver, BC πŸ‘‹
I am thoughtful problem-solver who enjoys creating minimalistic user centric design and passionate about designing seamless, impactful design.

I found my passion for visuals and design during attending an arts high school studying fine art. Growing up, I moved quite often, however from that I learned so many valuable skills around relationships and embracing new cultures that I never take for granted. I have now travelled to 25 different countries, absorbing each culture, which I use in every design. This helps me to work with anyone and have a better understanding of others when it comes to collaborating with others.

On my free time, I love spending my time with family and friends going on adventures like camping. Not so much into the hiking part, but I love getting sun and breeze on my face and spending time with my favourite people in nature. Also love Oil Painting, Illustration, Handicrafts and Tattooing.

With every job, I always aim for my best work with high standards. Consistency is key, and my goal is to continue refining my skills to grow my unique design identity.

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