UI - Domino's app (Unsolicited)

Redesigning the existing Domino's App in North America. As a UI designer, I focused on improving the overall app design and reducing clicks to complete ordering through the app for all types of users.

01. Original Design





UI Designer 

Sally Leem

Domino’s Pizza


01. Original Design

02. Problem

  • Outdated User interface design – checkout, coupon layout and overall app. Too many clicks are required (roughly 10) to add an item to the cart and complete the checkout

  • Confusing layout for coupons and menus.

  • Lack of consistency and too many options for users to choose from

  • Lack of payment options

03. User Flowchart

04. Wireframe

05. HF Prototype

06. Conclusion

After redesigning the app, we solved the main four problems we found at the beginning of the process. By adding a pickup/delivery selector on the top of the menu and adding a pop-up screen when choosing pizza size, we were able to reduce 1-2 clicks when adding items to the cart. 

By implementing menu local navigation on the homepage and top of the menu, users can easily find the items they are looking for.  Also, for the build-your-own pizza section, instead of using 3-4 screens to complete this process, we designed toggle options for users to build their own pizza on one screen. 

We used alike photo images for the menus and coupons and consistent colour, typography, and icons to reduce confusion and increase the overall look.

Finally, we added different types of payment options at check-out: Credit Card, Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal, and Pay in Person. Users can save time if they save their credit card information on the app.

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