UX Testing Report - StockX website (UNSOLICITED)

Online marketplace and clothing reseller primarily of sneakers. My role as a UX UI designer focuses on improving the functionality by redesigning existing features, and layouts. Also building a new 0 to 1 feature to provide a better user experience for existing and new users.

01. Problem





UX Designer 

UI Designer

Sally Leem

Diana S

Stock X


01. Problem

  • Users having consistent issues with navigating the website. (example: finding the shoes in a specific colour and return policy)

  • New users are having difficulty onboarding due to the added complexity of a bidding-style commerce system when using the website and the lack of information regards to it

  • Search and filter options are not optimized for users to easily find the products they are looking for

02. Key Insight

By conducting research about Stockx’s user behaviour, collecting data and studying other competitors, the listed problems are common and happen frequently.

03. Methodology

User study process
    1. Screening survey.
Completed by 15 candidates. The results allowed us to shortlist five ideal people to move onto testing
    2. Testing session.
Task 1 — Search for business practice
Task 2 — Shopping scenario
task 3 — Learning about the business
    3. Post-evaluation questionnaire
Comprised ten questions evaluating the website.

04. Test Overview

Task 1.

Find out how Stockx handles returning products
Check the accessibility of commonly used functionality based on StockX’s interface design. Figure out the difficulty for consumers to look for information and policies on the website.

Key takeaway from task 1.

Returning policy generally took candidates 2 to 3 minutes to find out. However, the design of the website did provoke confusion. The name of each option is too generic with no dropdown menu some candidates got bewildered and had a hard time looking for a clue while on the main page.

Task 2.

Imagine that you have $100 — $150 to spend. Find a pair of New Balance sneakers available only in black within your budget.
The task is designed to get a rough idea of the time taken by consumers with a purchase goal in their mind to find the ideal product for them.

key takeaway from task 2.

The exploration is feasible, but candidates confronted 2 major obstacles during it. The filter options are not adequate for consumers to customize their search results more precisely. While prices of products on StockX are constantly changing, the exploration tab doesn’t get updates frequently enough, which causes confusion.

Task 3.

Take two minutes to freely explore StockX. After the allotted time, you will provide a short summary of what you think Stock X is and how the business work
Stockx ‘s business is very different from most popular retailer websites. The candidates have to understand the differences so that they may be able to know if the website suits them. This task is aimed to test that does StockX did a good job of explaining itself.


Key takeaway from task 3.

Most candidates seem to have a rough idea of the business model, but some of them had difficulty understanding the auction-style bidding system by browsing the website only due to a lack of description and explanation.

Post-Evaluation Questionnaire Results

The system usability scale has proven itself through 30 years of used to be a dependable and efficient method of evaluating the usability of systems. Considering the small sample size and high standard deviation of individual scores, we decided against calculating an average of all scores.

05. Goal

After testing, our goal was to reduce the time from 2 to 3 min to 1 -1.5 min to find the return policy page on the website and create a better search engine to help user to find the right product with reduced searching time.

06. Conclusion



After analyzing the test data, the results were found to be indeterminate of the hypotheses. Despite test observations showing all participants experienced confusion and uncertainty, their SUS scores had high values.

After redesigning the site based on the problem we found at the beginning, we found that the user was able to save significant time. – by redesigning local navigation on the left side, users were able to find the item quicker and by inserting the onboarding process and return policy section on the footer navigation, the users were able to navigate to the information easily.

The next step would be to change the test by adding different types of questions as opposed to only finding specific items.

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