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Myvet App is designed for all pet owners who want to keep their pet's health, food and vaccination record digitally in an easier way. Owners can easily download vaccination proof in a PDF file when needed, book an appointment and all the pet's records can be transferred to a new vet using the QR code.

01. Overview





UI Designer 

UX Designer 

Sally Leem

Domino’s Pizza


01. Overview

We believe that having a pet and taking good care of their health should be easy and fun. We designed this app for all pet owners including puppy breeders, veterinarians, zookeepers etc. 

On this app, users can add up to 30 plus pet profiles and keep a record of their food, vaccination and medical history. This can be easily transferred to another person when needed (changing owner, pet sitter or veterinarian) using a QR scan code. 

This app is designed to keep your furry friend healthy and make the owner’s life easier. 

Also, This app offers you to download rabies shots or other vaccination proof into a PDF file. This will come in handy when travelling with your pet.

02. Persona

03. Customer Profile

04. Workflow

05. Wireframe

06. HF Prototype

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