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The salary Increment App is designed to help people to educate themselves about industry-standard in a different provinces in Canada. On this app, people can get personal advice from experienced advisors on how to ask for a raise at a good time and how much they should ask for. Also, It is a useful app for people wanting to change their careers.

01. Overview





UI Designer 

UX Designer 

Sally Leem

Salary Increment


01. Overview

Target Groups: New Employee, Ambitious Career Seekers, HR, Individuals Who Wants to Get a Raise, and People Wants to Change Career

What are the concerns? Job search website ( Glassdoor, Indeed etc) shows the industry’s standard salary and wage but most of them are outdated or hard to get the actual numbers. Also, I found that in North America, there’s no app people can quickly check the latest average salary/wage for the jobs based on the experience they have. New employees or people who never had a conversation about a pay raise, are uncertain about the timing and how to prepare their first speech to their manager and human resource.

This app is here to share the average income or wage for each industry and career based on years of experience. It is offering informative articles stating tips and tricks about asking for a raise, and also a member can have video meetings with mentors who are already working in the industry for a long time to get financial advice or the right path to achieve their career goals

Our goal is to help people to educate themselves about different types of careers and how to speak to HR professionally. Also to get paid what they should get based on their skill set and experience. 


02. Persona

03. Interview Conduct

The location where I found users

  • Any Work Environment 
  • Linkedin or other Social Media who’s posting questions regards to their self-growth or pay-raise 
  • Skilled Share Website

Conduct my interview and observe.

Q. How long have you worked in your position and for the company?

A. I have worked for the same company for almost 5 years now and I got promoted to operation manager about 2 years ago.

Q. Have you got a raise before? 

A. Yes, I have. When I got promoted to my current position from my previous position – a customer service rep.


Q. How you asked for more money?

A. When I was getting promoted 2 years ago, I wanted to ask my manager but no I ended up taking what they offered me in the first place. I did all the research and was preparing my speech. however, I could not ask them because they already printed out a document showing % of the salary raise. At that moment, I didn’t know how to ask my manager how much more I wished to make. 

Q. How did you do your research to check your job’s average salary based on your experience?

A. I googled ” Operation Manager” in an E-commerce business to see the industry standard and most of the results I got was in US dollar and not in my area. I went to Glassdoor to see the average salary for my position but in order to see the number, I had to sign up and the sign-up process was really long so I ended up closing the site before I get the average salary. There were some other websites that I found on google but every website had its own different number. 

Q. What was the hardest part of the research? 

A. Limited resources out there for Canadians and every website has different numbers and information. It was exhausting to do research for Vancouver, CA and find nothing.

Q. What was your outcome?

A. I just accepted what I got offered in the first place and I did not know what to ask for based on my experience. What they offered me wasn’t too bad but I wish I could’ve tried to ask them more since I have been working there for 5 years.

Q. If there is an app that can do everything? – Tells you the newest average salary for the job, experts help you to achieve your career goal and to earn more money.

A. Ohh I don’t think I ever heard of that kind of app before. Glassdoor, Linkedin or Indeed do something like that showing the average salary for each job but still, I need to figure out if it is the right number for me. If there’s an app like that I would be interested! I always prefer to use apps rather than websites. It is more convenient and easy to use for me. 

04. Interview Summary

The salary Increment App could be a necessary app for some people who wants to get information faster and in an easier way while others would try it out with some uncertainty of whether this app will be similar to the existing job search websites offer or not. Once we design this app, Gathering all the feedback from other job-searching website users is necessary in order to make the Salary Increment App successful and gain more uncertain users.

We will focus on following the law of preferred action to reduce the time for users to find what they’re looking for on the app. North America would be a good target audience for this app since there are limited resources out there and many people want to grow.

05. Customer Profile

Documented Key Informations:

About our ideal customer’s interactions with Salary Increment App

Job Importance

Rank jobs according to their importance to customers.

Pain Severity

Rank jobs according to how extreme they are in the customer’s eye.

Gain Relevance

Rank gains according to how essential they are in the customer’s eye.

06. Competitive Analysis

07. Competition Matrix

To see a detailed competitive analysis, please see the link below competitive analysis matrix for the Salary Increment App.

08. Value Proposition Map

The Value Proposition Map for Salary Increment. This describes the features of a specific value proposition in the Salary Increment App model in a more structured and detailed way. 

It breaks our value down into products and services, pain relievers and gain creators.

09. User Workflow

This User Workflow is the path taken by a prototypical user on Salary Increment to complete one of the main tasks on this app – from searching for the average salary in Canada and start chatting with the advisor to get personal advice on their career. 

10. Wireframe

This wireframe demonstrates what interface elements will exist on key pages of the app. Login, Signup form, Main Homepage, Search Page, Chat Page, Membership Plans, Payment, Chat and Video Meeting.

11. Card Sorting Result

We did a closed card sorting test. 4 participants are asked to sort topics from content within the Salary Increment App.

12. Final Design

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